Friday, July 14, 2017

James Drives Wile E

Gopher Flats
Moab, T
July 5&6, 2017

Wednesday morning we were up and out the door early to meet Dee and Adrienne to run Hell's Revenge.  Hell's is a wild rollercoaster ride over slickrock domes or fins.  It's 6.5 miles of scary fun offers steep climbs and descents with some areas very narrow and close to the edge of high cliffs, several named difficult optional obstacles, and spectacular panoramic views.  Today, James was driving !

Dee led driving Blanche , followed by Adrienne driving Pibble, and James bringing up the rear in WileE.  
Dee gets a mirror shot of our small group.

A sweet picture at the dinosaur tracks. 

I'm not sure who had the most fun...James or Joe and I.

Dee and James at the river overlook...

James rides along with Dee on Hells' Gate...

Another mirror shot...thanks Dee !
When we reached the top of the Dragon Tail, a very steep descent, I snapped the following picture.  The driver of the vehicle on its top misjudged the line in the dark.  Both driver and passenger spent the night and hiked out at daybreak. 
Thursdays trail of choice was Metal Masher.  Red Rock 4-Wheelers rates this trail a 7 out of 10.  This 11.7 mile loop follows around Arth's Rim and offers up some difficult named obstacles, and lots of fun.  Dee (with passenger Rob) led our trusty band of wheelers followed by James, Scott (with passenger Adrienne) from Texas,  Jim from Texas, and Glen bringing up the back.  
The first couple of obstacles are unnamed tall ledges.
Joe and James discuss options for tire placement...
James gets lined up...
and crawls right up !   

Dee's photo captures how tall Rock Chucker is.

A great warm up for what is coming next...Rock Chucker...a tall, gnarly, ledgy climb.

Glen spots...
Dee's photo as James gets lined up.

and James climbs.

A happy mom !
Thanks Dee !
Once Rock Chucker has been conquered, there is a loop that connects back to the main trail.  It's pretty hairy too.
Glen stands by to make sure all four wheels stay on the ground.  It's tippy...I like tippy !
A great photo Dee !
I just realized I failed to get pictures at Arth's Rim...a spectacular overlook about 5700 feet above Hwy 191.  MM is a favorite so I'm sure there will be a next time !

It was so much fun having James here.  Five days...five trails full of scary fun filled with lots of laughs, WOWS, spectacular views and wonderful memories !  

I want to send a huge thank you to Dee who organized trails and led us on Hell's Revenge and Metal Masher.

Another huge thank you to Glen who led Kane Creek Canyon and joined us on Cliffhanger and Metal Masher.  He always manages to be in the right place at the right time just in case.

 And lastly, a huge thank you to Jeff who works hard all week in his buggy fabrication business, Dirt Squirrel Motors, LLC and still came out to play on Sunday...and led us on Cliffhanger.


He also got up early on Monday to weld breaks in Wile E's front coil over mount enabling us to enjoy the rest of the week wheeling !    

Ahhh...the memories !

Until next time,
 Happy Trails ! 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

James Arrives !

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
July 1-4, 2017

Saturday, July 1st, was quite an exciting day.  We picked up our oldest son, James (who lives in LaGrange, GA), at Grand Junction Regional Airport for a week long visit with us in Moab.  

Sunday, we were up bright and early to beat the heat.  The trail for the day was Cliffhanger. Why was it chosen first? Its totally awesome ! And one of our favorites that we wanted to share with James.  Jeff led us up, down and over boulders and ledges, followed by Joe and James, followed by Dee and me, with Glen bringing up the back.  This is one of those trails with a "WOW" around every corner !  And the overlook of Jackson Hole and the Colorado River is spectacular.  
Parking at the overlook.

The Cliffhanger Obstacle

Monday our trail for the day was Kane Creek Canyon Trail.  Glen led, followed by Joe and James, with Dee and me in the back.  It's another favorite because of the varied terrain...the desert with lots of boulders to play on,
Joe and James check out Glen's line over Roy's Rock...a tall boulder.  I love all that flex !
the creek with all the cottonwood trees, shade and cool air,
and the ledge that winds around as it climbs out of the canyon.  
This ledge is home to Hamburger Hill...a long, difficult boulder climb.  Glen climbs first and takes pictures as the rest of us make our ascent.

Tuesday, July 4th, we had the pleasure of leading a Moab visitor from Iowa on Fins & Things.  Adrienne was here for a week and looking for someone to ride with.  Dee suggested's a fun trail and a great prerequisite for Hell's Revenge.  And its a trail we know well !  Adrienne's well built/modified JK 2 door performed flawlessly.  
Adrienne drives her jeep she named Pibble on Fins & Things.
 Gratuitous Fins picture.  
 Joe waits as Adrienne climbs a very steep slickrock dome. 
 That evening, we had a cook-out at Dee's.  Great fellowship and laughs. Joe and I were so proud to introduce James to lots of our friends. 

Up next, James drives WileE...wahoo!
Until then, take care and

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Good Golly Jeepers

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
June 2017

Good golly jeepers...June just flew by.  Its been industrious, blooming, fun, crowned, celebrated and relaxing !

Industrious: Joe and I volunteered for 2 of the 3 Moab Friends For Wheeling work days.   We had a total of 7 vehicles that made their way along beautiful Kane Creek Trail through the desert, along the creek, up the switchbacks with a purpose to install 4 "You Are Here" signs.  


MFFW adopted the LaSal Loop Trail so on June 24 we high-tailed it to the LaSals  for the annual clean up from winter.  The roads were opened a couple of weeks ago just in time for us to clear them before summer traffic.

Trees were cut into manageable sizes and moved to the side. In our group, Glen did the cutting while Joe and Gary helped with the hauling. 

In a few spots, a strap and a jeep did the trick ! 

 The cooler temps and shade made for a pleasant work day.
Glen climbs the bank on the right to cut.  Joe waits...

Meadows full of green grass and yellow flowers  surrounded by huge evergreens were quite showy all day,

but my favorite were all the bushes of delicate wild roses that lined the trail.

I have enjoyed many walks early in the morning or late in the afternoon around Gopher Flats with camera in hand.  Its fun to play with lights and shadows.  This flower is two-toned...quite pretty with its red top and yellow underneath.

The Evening Primrose bud opens around 9:00 pm.

It's blooms are lemon yellow.
These beauties begin to wilt around noon.
I'll share one more...the Smoke bush/tree. 

The large, loose clusters of purplish pinkish "hairs" look like puffs of smoke...hence the name.  The foliage is a reddish purplish color from a distance, but when the light shines through them you can see the green.  I did read fall is their "claim to fame" season as the leaves deepen to brilliant colors of purple, red and orange-yellow.  

We have done lots of trails like Hell's Revenge, Fins and Things, Poison Spider, Gold Bar, and Golden Spike, Steel Bender...trails we have done many times, but new to Wile E.  But, the most fun trail was Porcupine Rim we did a few weeks ago with Dee, Paul and Chris.  Porcupine Rim is in the Sand Flats area so a fee/pass is required. 
 So what made Porcupine Trail so much fun this time? I drove !  I did a dang good job too. 
 Yep, I drove the switchback with the canyon floor on my left, I drove right around Concentration Corner without batting an eye, I hugged the wall perfectly going down big ledges, and best of all I drove down and back up a difficult set of boulders, deep holes, and gnarly ledges that give this trail a 6 rating out of 10.  I hope to get Steel Bender under my belt next month so stay tuned!       

No pictures here.  I had my teeth cleaned and the dentist found not one, but two cracked molars...YIKES ! So, I sent a morning preparing for two crowns and as I write this, I am sporting two temporary crowns.  The "real" ones go in the first of July along with a sudden drop in our checking account balance !

We enjoyed a very nice dinner at Jeffrey's to celebrate Dee's birthday and our anniversary.

Well, can't say enough about how much we are enjoying Gopher Flats and Moab.  Its not all work and play either.  Mornings after we go to the gym (3 to 4 times a week) are spent on the patio enjoying the cooler temps and a cup of Maverick coffee and cereal.  Late afternoon are also good to for sitting outside.
Our home, 
perfect harmony !,
 the little things,



and sunsets.

 Until next time, take care and...


Up next, a special trail day to Polar Mesa.